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Instant Drug Testing For Fast Results

Drug testing is common among private and public institutions alike which is why many companies, schools, government agencies and other offices are conducting drug testing to make sure that the people around and drug free. If you want to submit for drug testing, you can do so in various methods available such as hair follicle test, urine test and panel quick tests. However, these methods are only used for lab-based drug testing.

But it is not only lab-based testing that is available these days because there are also instant blood testing which is more advantageous. Lab-based drug testing is typically used in applying for a job or getting a driver’s license but for those instances where the testing is urgent and fast results are necessary, instant drug testing is usually made.

You can actually see a lot of difference if you compare instant drug testing from lab-based drug testing because if you have to wait for one to two days in order to get the results from the laboratory in lab-based drug testing, you will only have to wait for a few minutes with instant drug testing. Because it is fast in producing the results from the drug tests, instant drug tests are ideal for schools who wish to assess ther students as soon as possible and for companies who wish to know which among their employees are using drugs.

If you are to take instant drug testing, you will have to urinate in a cup and the administrator will dip a test card in your urine. Once the test card s dipped in the urine, most administrators wait for a while for more accurate results but it usually takes about five minutes for the results to how in your test card. Instant drug testing is widely used around the world these days because of its 99% accuracy as compared to other alternatives.

Because of instant drug testing, you don’t have to go to the laboratory anymore and wait for a day or two for your results because with this advanced drug test cards, you can easily get the results in just a matter of minutes. Since it is fast and accurate, most companies use this drug testing method to their employees so that they can easily get rid of those employees who are under the influence of drugs. It is also best for schools where administrators usually test quite a number of students at the same time.

However, no matter how beneficial instant drug tests can be, the results you get from them can never be used as evidence in court. Instant drug tests are still new which is why the judicial system are still hesitant on proving someone guilty with this method. But if you want a better solution for an aforehand court proceeding, you can always go for split screening.

Split screening is where you can divide the samples for instant drug test and lab-based drug test. That way, you can make sure that your results are really accurate.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Kits

The Beginner’s Guide to Kits